When You Quarrel

Should you make a compromise?

When You Quarrel

There are things you can compromise and things you cannot. Sometimes you fight against your peer in vain over something you can reasonably concede 🤦‍♂️. Here is a checklist to reflect on yourself before messing up everything.

Why is it important to you to defend your stance?

When you are in a heated argument, you tend to forget why you are confronting your peer. There is nothing sadder than fighting for a wrong cause. So, cool down, make it into words, and review objectively.

List up pros and cons

What compromising will do to you? Take a step back and list up pros and cons in the following steps.

  • Short term pros for you and the relationship
  • Short term cons for you and the relationship
  • Long term pros for you and the relationship
  • Long term cons for you and the relationship

Seeing the list you made, weigh the pros and cons.

Face your peer again

Has following the checklist changed your mind? If so, tell your peer that you decided to adapt to their idea for a good reason. If not, tell them that you are generally willing to cooperate with them as much as possible, but you have to stick to your idea this time, again, for a good reason. Whatever comes as the result of the quarrel, you win. Because you have either chosen a way of cooperation with your peer or better known yourself by examining your value reviewing the pros and cons list. I hope your life is prosperous :)