Canceled YouTube Premium

Good: YouTube. Bad: Addiction.

Canceled YouTube Premium

I've just canceled my YouTube Prime subscription because I noticed I had been addicted to it too much. Since May 2021, I have spent 85 days worth of time on this platform😱

Subscribing to the plan was a good investment for me at first because it let me learn new things from various people and listen to good background music. However, I started watching dumb videos too much since a few months ago. They are digital drugs, I would say, because they did not enrich my life in any way but only drained my time and attention like an irresistibly strong vacuum.

Why did I become a YouTube addict? The reason is a cliché; I just wanted to escape from the reality and was too weak to get over the state of addiction. Everyone has strong time and weak time. The important thing is to get out of the trap once you are okay. I accidentally encountered this video (ironically on YouTube) and it helped me reboot the strong me.

Starting today, I will spend more time on more mindful stuff. I hope this story will give a hint to many people including future-me😅.