VS Code dev container complains "Error: Command failed: docker start"

Encountered the error when I tried to open a directory with a dev container. So, I executed the failing docker command on a terminal.

uztbt@Yujis-MacBook-Pro ~ [1]> docker start 30f4e67c702f76b6c0c89dc3c1bb07779a8948e451a9f1d4a7427939f10bb5e1
Error response from daemon: Mounts denied:
The path /Users/uztbt/hoge is not shared from the host and is not known to Docker.
You can configure shared paths from Docker -> Preferences... -> Resources -> File Sharing.
See https://docs.docker.com/desktop/mac for more info.
Error: failed to start containers: 30f4e67c702f76b6c0c89dc3c1bb07779a8948e451a9f1d4a7427939f10bb5e1

It told me to configure Docker's File Sharing settings. After allowing Docker to mount all the file paths on my MacBook, I could start VS Code dev without a problem.