Created Voice-ChatGPT

I put a voice interface on GPT3 API.

Created Voice-ChatGPT
Me, talking to Voice Chat-GPT on Dec 21, 2022

2022 is the year of GPT-3. Recently, ChatGPT, one form of its variatios, has been making the headlines on every tech news website, and people are excitedly talking about it on forums and Twitter. As of writing, ChatGPT is public beta and anyone can join it and try themselves here for free:

I also found it marvelous to the extent that I felt as if I was talking to a human assistant. To make it more like talking to a human assistant, I added a voice interface to the GPT3 API. Maybe I will open source the project in the future. For now, I am planning to create a mobile app for myself to show it off to my family and friends in the upcoming new year holiday.

Here is a sample conversation with my Voice-ChatGPT.