NFC Candy Dispenser

Get candies by scanning an NFC tag.

NFC Candy Dispenser

I made a super candy dispenser in 2020. You can get candies by scanning an NFC tag with your iPhone.

To complete this project, I did the following list of stuff spending a few months, phew! 😎

  • studied electronic circuit,
  • made holes in the veneer candy dispenser using an electric screwdriver, put a small display and a red button on the base of the dispenser,
  • programed an Arduino microcontroller so that it accepts HTTP requests, move the motor in the dispenser, and output a message to the display,
  • soldered all the electronic components described above and a LiPo battery,
  • developed an iPhone app which sends an HTTP request upon reading an NFC tag,
  • edited a demo video for YouTube.

Here are the components of the candy machine:

  • Display: Waveshare 1.54inch
  • Microcontroller: ESP32-DevkitC v4
  • Electronic Sweet Machine (Global Gizmos Candy Dispenser)
  • LIPO battery for the Microcontroller -AAA battery x 3 for the motor