Tips for Drawing and Writing B-Tree

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Tips for Drawing and Writing B-Tree

I have spent several days writing a B-Tree program in TypeScript. I would like to share what I have learned from this experience.

The Order Should be Greater than 4

By Knuth's definition, the order of a B-Tree is the maximum number of children a node can hold. You are likely to fail to capture the algorithms' details if you set the order to 4 or less. For example, when a merger occurs, the node with fewer elements has 0 elements, however, both of the nodes have at least one element in general.

Utilize Colors to Show Groups

You can effectively show which element will belong to the left child, the parent node, or the right child by color.

Use Arrows to Show Moves

By using arrows, you can express the before state and the after state in a single picture. Arrows fill the gap between those two states and tell viewers more information.


GitHub - uztbt/btree: A B-Tree implementation in TypeScript
A B-Tree implementation in TypeScript. Contribute to uztbt/btree development by creating an account on GitHub.